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Coaching for Single Parenting


This is a service to empower, encourage and restore women (single mothers) through the grace and wisdom of God’s love. 


We provide coaching, mentoring, education, resources, self-esteem building and fundraising services to help meet the basic needs of individuals.

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The Counseling Lounge

Helping You Establish a Healthier, Happier You


With The Counseling Lounge, we want to provide effective tools and positive support in your journey to overall well-being and success.  Our wellness programs are designed to improve your quality of life experience and add value to your continued journey. 


At The Counseling Lounge, we take the personal, environmental,

and lifestyle factors that may impact your success

into consideration and use several different techniques

to improve your journey.



If you are interested in exploring the benefits of The Counseling Lounge, contact us at:


Ph: 203-208-9550

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