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Moments of Happiness
Moments of Happiness

What if you could make yourself feel happier and healthier, reduce healthcare stress, and improve your level of success in relationships and at work? The Counseling Lounge makes it a possibility for you with our Moments of Happiness program.


This program delivers techniques and tools to help you not dwell on the past or think too much about the future.  We focus on concentrating the mind on the present moment and exploring the journey to discover happiness.




Moments of Peace & Tranquility


Imagine having the ability to immediately separate yourself from a stressful situation.

With our Moments of  Peace & Tranquility program, you can!


This program provides relaxation techniques, mindfulness skills, to raise awareness in psychological, emotional, and mental health.  We focus on learning to understand there is power in the present.


Faith-Based Counseling


Do you want to experience the power and strength Faith-Based healing can provide?

This program is designed to focus on spiritual healing to facilitate recovery based on the principle of spirituality and its effect on well-being.


Daughters Unlimited


This is a service to empower, encourage and restore women (single mothers) through the grace and wisdom of God’s love. 

We provide coaching, mentoring, education, resources, self-esteem building, and fundraising services to help meet the basic needs of individuals.


If you are interested in exploring the benefits of The Counseling Lounge, contact us at:


Ph: 203-571-3913

Peace & Tranquility
Spiritual Healing
Daughters Unlimited
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