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Is your "way"working for you? Have you developed a strategy to tackle the unhealthy behaviors you may have adopted over time? In today’s culture where a happier and healthier you can prove to be a competitive advantage in both personal and professional settings, having the tools from our programs in place, can be essential in creating a stronger, more successful and fulfilled life, with opportunities knocking your door down! 

A real return on your best investment - YOU!

 The Counseling Lounge focuses on:


  • Health and wellness so that you can take charge of your life and adopt healthy behaviors.


  • Factors influencing happiness, such as relationships, physical activity, and stress management.


  • Empowerment and strength within yourself - The answers are within you - lets tap into them!


  • Alignment of what tools will work best for you in your current life and your desired outcome for the future.



We achieve these goals for our clients by using our proven steps.



  • Facilitating positive support


  • Creating a cohesive wellness plan


  • Developing a results-oriented program using a team approach


  • Crafting a plan to facilitate growth


  • Choosing the right interventions


  • Creating a supportive and safe environment




If you are considering investing in your health and well-being,

The Counseling Lounge can help you by offering you the following programs...



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