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Are we really all in this together?

Segregation exists in our neighbors, especially in the state of Connecticut. Black and brown families do not live in the same neighborhoods as their white counterparts, but we are all in this together. We have black and brown people living in substandard conditions, where there is not enough space, not enough privacy, where integrity and respect are non-existent. Boundary setting is a foreign concept in these types of housing conditions. In these housing conditions, black and brown people are living in places that look like shoe boxes, and they are living in infestation of insects and a whole slew of other problems. In huge suburban homes where there are at least 6 bedrooms, and most likely they have bedrooms that are not occupied, and they have at least 3-4 solid, reliable vehicles in their driveway, and not to mention the other perks that come with being a home owner, where the income is substantial, but we are all in this together?


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