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Bipolar Disorder and Destruction

The capacity to hurt someone is directly related to how close the relationship is. For example, if the love of my life is my only son and that love is reciprocated, I have the power to hurt him deeply. Just the instability alone that I generated in our home was enough to make him anxious and fearful. I cringe when I remember those times. Children often suffer when they are raised by a parent who is diagnosed with BP 1, BP 2 or some other subtype of this disorder. How much pain is inflicted is largely dependent on what symptoms are present, which, in turn, is dependent on how active the disorder is. Most people with bipolarity have reprieves from the worst symtoms. Being “mean" is a side effect of agitation or aggression that can be found in either of the extreme moods of bipolarity (depression or hypomania/mania), but it is not a primary symptom of bipolarity. Isolating and ignoring people, lashing out for no obvious reason, using foul language, and being insensitive are spontaneous, not intentional(minimally, not well thought out). Most people with BP are not mean or destructive (to use your words). These are personality traits that can be exhibited by just about anyone who is stressed. When “sanity" returns, most people with bipolarity will be quick to apologize for their misdeeds, and I assure you there will be many regrets in a lifetime. This is part and parcel of the illness.


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