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We all know what depression is, right?

The internet is filled with signs and symptoms of depression- millions of stories by survivors who have suffered and probably recovering from depression.

If you feel helpless and hopeless, find it tough to get out of bed, feel apathetic about activities, you are depressed. Sometimes we believe it’s all about these simple symptoms that are there. But sometimes, depression is more complicated than what’s on the surface.

Many times, symptoms of depression go unrecognized.


Because the symptoms are atypical. Depression can be concealed in several ways.

Depression can be:

· Hidden: “I’m so busy working that I have no time for socialization!” Or, “I’m really a social butterfly and hate it when I’m alone.’’

· Concealed: “I am feeling just fine, it’s just that I am a bit stressed.”

· Displaced in anger: “There’s nothing wrong with me. Just leave me alone.”

· Masked by addiction (alcohol, excessive smoking, using drugs, food, and sex): “I just need a few drinks to help me relax. No big deal.”

When depression is masked, it’s difficult for others (as well as for the person herself or himself) to recognize what’s going on beneath the surface.


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